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About The Irish Guild of Ash Hurley Makers


The Irish Guild of Ash Hurley Makers (IGAHM or also known as the Hurley Guild !) was formed in 1998.  It is the largest organsition representing artisan hurley makers . It members are dedicated professionals and skilled craftsmen, their craft, taking a piece of ash and honing it to produce the ideal hurley for the National Game of Ireland – Hurling . Their skill particulaly comes to the fore while adapting the hurley to the individual needs of the hurler or camogie player that will use it. A hurley is also known as a hurley stick, camán (in the Irish language), hurl or when used in the sport of camogie it is often called a camogie stick!

An IGAHM hurley can be reconised by it’s stamp – both from the individual hurley makers stamp and the IGHAM stamp. The IGAHM stamp is a symbol of quality, craftmanship and a guarantee that the hurley was crafted in Ireland by a skilled  and recongised Hurley Maker.

The Guild is run by an Executive committee which is elected at the AGM. The IGAHM executive committee can be contacted by email secretaryigahm@gmail.com


Aims &  Objectives


The objectives of the IGAHM are to strengthen, protect and foster the craft of Hurley Making. The IGAHM is working to obtain recognition for the Hurley Maker’s skill, to protect the Hurley Maker’s craft & traditions and to ensure the integrity for the Hurley Maker’s workmanship for future generations by defining the skilled from the non-skilled and enabling the general public to choose quality in an Irish Guild of Ash Hurley Makers member hurley.